Doctor Who: Matt Smith “surprised” by the choice of regeneration scene used

The former Doctor says a number of different versions were filmed for his regeneration in The Time Of The Doctor and he thought the producers "might go with something else"


Matt Smith’s regeneration in last year’s Christmas special, The Time Of The Doctor, was a divisive affair; with the Eleventh Doctor turning into Peter Capaldi’s twelfth with a sharp snap rather than the build-up fans are used to. 


According to Smith himself, however, there were many versions of the regeneration scene – some of which were far darker than the one that ended up on screen. 

“I did loads of really different takes,” he said. “So I was quite surprised to see that was the take they used, ’cause I thought that they might go with something else, because we did a lot of different takes and we did a lot of different versions of that ending, and a lot of them were really troubling, and I quite liked them.” 

He followed his comments, made on a panel at New Orleans Comic Con by saying: “I’m going to get in trouble now. ‘Why are you talking about Doctor Who when you’ve left?'”

Smith’s description of alternate scenes do fit with reports that circulated last year just before the episode aired: that the Doctor would regenerate after losing a leg. It’s possible, however, that this more gory ending might have been vetoed for not being suitable for children. 


Watch the scene and judge for yourself below.