Coronation Street: Tina is not pregnant – episode review

And cheating Peter Barlow didn't waste much time in showing his mistress the door after she got the results of her test...


Judging by that super-long exhale of breath we witnessed in tonight’s Coronation Street, it’s fair to say that Peter is pretty relieved that Tina McIntyre got a negative on that test kit.


Double dealing Peter is currently cheating on pregnant wife Carla with Rovers barmaid Tina, but was left reeling earlier this week when his mistress revealed that she could also be expecting his child.

“Couldn’t you try to act a bit disappointed for my sake?” Tina seethed tonight once the result came in.

Peter, though, was too busy trying to get Tina out the door of his flat to much notice her anguish. “I’m a terrible dad, I wasn’t even there for the first five years of Si’s life,” Peter explained.

What went unmentioned was the fact that the next five years were spent nearly burning Simon to death, turning up drunk every Christmas to the Bessie Street school nativity and generally making his son’s life so miserable that he once ran away to Blackpool.

Tina may be desperate to have Peter’s baby, but he isn’t exactly the poster boy for attachment parenting.

Of course, there is now the definite feeling that Tina is a mere poodle perm away from turning into Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. “I love you, Peter,” she wailed while clawing at his easy-iron shirt. Put it this way – it’s a good job Simon’s rabbit is already dead or it’d be on Peter’s hob by next Monday’s episode.