Introducing Gogglebox…

It’s the show that’s made stars of telly lovers as we watch them watch TV


What is it? Watch people watch TV. And yell at the TV. And laugh at the TV. And generally have an average evening’s chatter around the box while hidden cameras roll. 


Does Tess Daly’s latest dress on Strictly Come Dancing cut the mustard? Is it OK to fancy suspected terrorist Nicholas Brody on Homeland and are your wife’s legs nicer than broadcaster Susanna Reid’s..? The stars of Gogglebox are our new telly critics.

Where is it? The show, now in its third series, has moved to a top 9:00pm Friday night slot on Channel 4. 

Who’s in it? Among the Gogglebox stars are Kent-based B&B owners Steph and Dom Parker. Known as the Posh Couple, they’re often to be found retiring for an evening of telly watching with a tipple or two. The bar behind their sofa is in frequent use. 

Fans of Gogglebox have taken retired teachers June and Leon Bernicoff to their hearts. Watching as Leon struggled to sit through a series of The Great British Bake Off while on a diet. Sobbing as he told June he wouldn’t be able to go on without her after watching Titanic. Laughing as he commented on the size of Nigella’s bosom.

Highlight? Steph and Dom flipping their sofa over while laughing at a show.

See Gogglebox Fridays at 9:00pm on Channel 4