Introducing Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor…

Matt Smith and David Tennant come face to face in Doctor Who's landmark episode

What is it? The 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who where the tenth and eleventh incarnation of the Time Lord must come face to face with a man they would rather forget: the Doctor who destroyed Gallifrey during the Time War.


Who’s in it? Matt Smith and David Tennant star as their respective eleventh and tenth Doctors, while film legend John Hurt plays the mysterious “War Doctor” alongside a return of Billie Piper as the face of hyper-intelligent weapon The Moment. 

Where can I watch it? The Day Of The Doctor was originally simlu-cast around the world (although broadcast on BBC1 in the UK) on the 23rd November last year; 50 years to the day Doctor Who first broadcast in 1963. It is now available on DVD. 


Highlight? While there are many (the return of the Zygons, Peter Capaldi’s brief cameo, all of the Doctor reuniting to save Gallifrey), it was the surprise cameo of legendary fourth Doctor Tom Baker as an old art gallery curator that really blew every fan’s mind.