Amazon release new streaming box Fire TV

The online giant will face off against Apple, Google and Roku in the battle for your living room

The streaming box market just got even more crowded, as retail giant Amazon released its own Fire TV.


Shipping today in the US for $99, the wafer thin unit streams services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video straight out of the box. Coming on the heels of Google Chromecast’s release in the UK (review here), Amazon face some stiff competition. Unlike rivals such as Apple TV, Fire TV runs on the open Android operating system, making it easy for new services to be added.

Fire TV also boasts beefier specs than its rivals, with 2GB of RAM and a specialised graphics processor, like you would find in a video games console. Indeed, games and a special video game controller (costing $40) will be available weeks after launch.


In attempt to differentiate itself from its rivals, Amazon has been showing off some of Fire TV’s more unique features, including voice search and programme information drawn from IMDB. Also: on-screen lyrics for home karaoke, if you’re so inclined. There’s no word on a UK release date yet.