Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis: The actor talks travel, wood elves, pirates and yarn bombers

In his new UK travel show, the Star Wars actor meets the nation's eccentrics including a medieval re-enactment troupe and vigilante grannies; he tells us more...


During six-part series Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis, the Harry Potter and Star Wars actor drags his wife Sam, kids Annabelle and Harrison and dog Sherlock around the British Isles – camping, caravanning and staying in a yurt in the process.


“I’m a very keen supporter of holidaying in Britain,” says Warwick Davis. “When you travel a lot, which I do as an actor, the last thing we want to do as a family is go abroad again in our holiday time. That was the kind of programme that I wanted to make.”

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Instead of going to the usual exotic locations his family are used to, Davis ventures to Cornwall and meets a pirate re-enactment group and some yarn bombers, known locally as Graffiti Grannies. He also goes to Worthing, where locals are busy creating bizarre crafts to launch off the pier, and to Billingshurst to watch lawnmower racing. “Around every corner we found a new character who was absolute gold,” explains Davis, who is of the firm belief that the more bizarre, the better. “I think we should celebrate British eccentricity,” he says. “It’s quite unique I think to this country. We’re all a bit bonkers really. You’ve got to embrace the bonkers part of yourself, and we do it better than anywhere else in the world.”

At one point in the show, a pirate re-enactment group jumps out on the Davis family on a Cornish beach, giving the youngest of the family quite a shock. “We were on the beach talking about pirates and I thought that would be really fun, but he [Harrison] got a bit anxious,” says Davis. “By the end of it he was okay. He certainly forgives me. After therapy he may be able to go back to the beach again,” jokes Davis.

Davis had a blast doing the show, and that’s partly because he doesn’t organise his travel down to the last detail. His advice? Do not “have any expectations – don’t plan anything. Just say you’re going to go there, go there, and start doing stuff,” he says, “an itinerary leads to disappointment – the expectations are high. Nothing will ever be as good as you think it will. But if you just go with the flow, you’ll always be delighted.”

There’s still a lot more travelling shenanigans for Davis to try in Britain. “We didn’t even explore Scotland, or Ireland. There are more wonderful people to discover, if the audience wanted to see some more.” Watch this space.

Watch Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis at 8pm, April 11 on ITV,  

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