Watch Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel make a Sex Tape… in new trailer

The new comedy from Bad Teacher and New Girl director Jake Kasdan sees Diaz and Segel get intimate for the cameras


Got a bit excited there, didn’t you?


Thought Jason Segel was jumping right out of the How I Met Your Mother finale and into bed with the queen of the rom-com Cameron Diaz? Well. He is. Kind of. 

The duo star in upcoming comedy Sex Tape, which sees them play a couple who try to spice up their floundering love life by filming themselves in the act. Then, predictably, the secret sex tape becomes not so secret and the couple have to go to great lengths to stop more of their friends and family seeing it.

All because of “The Cloud”. Which makes sense, because, let’s face it, “Nobody understands the cloud! It’s a f***ing mystery!”

[Warning: Contains some rude words and scenes of a slightly sexual nature. Obvs.] 

Sex Tape will be in UK cinemas 5 September.