Coronation Street spoilers: Sophie and Maddie are made homeless – Brooke Vincent interview

"Sophie's trying to show Maddie that she will sleep on the streets if it means being by her side"

Sophie Webster is to end up sleeping rough after mum Sally makes it clear that Maddie is no longer welcome at No 4. But a confrontation with two thugs at a hostel soon leaves Sophie wondering whether she’s out of her depth.


With Maddie telling Sophie that she isn’t cut out for a life on the streets, will she end up going back home or making a stand for the sake of her girlfriend? Here, actress Brooke Vincent reveals all about next week’s drama and the reasons why Sophie and Maddie end up homeless:

Has it been awkward for Sophie having Maddie living in the house?
Having Maddie in the house is isn’t awkward for Sophie as it’s more like having a friend over or living with your sister. When it’s just the two of them they do get on, but Sally isn’t too pleased having Maddie around.

What’s Sally and Kevin’s reaction when Sophie and Maddie come clean about the relationship?
When Sally finds out about their relationship, she goes crazy. She’s not happy at all that Sophie and Maddie are together because she’s never really taken to Maddie and doesn’t like her behaviour. I wouldn’t say Kevin is too happy either but he does come round to the idea and tries to help them out.

Has Maddie duped them over giving her a place to live? 
Sally’s not happy that Maddie’s living with them and probably does think that Maddie is using Sophie. Sophie doesn’t think that Maddie is using her, though. She sees a completely different side to Maddie to everybody else.

Does Sophie realise that Sally thinks Maddie has outstayed her welcome?
Sophie doesn’t realise it – she just goes day to day and doesn’t really think about how long Maddie’s been there or whether Sally is getting annoyed with her presence. She’s just enjoying her being there. It’s a little bit of a shock to Sophie when she does realise Sally’s feelings.

So, when Maddie leaves, why does Sophie go with her? Is she not scared of being homeless?
She decides to go with her to prove a point and also to prove to Maddie that she’s with her through thick and thin. I don’t think Sophie realises what she’s getting herself into when she walks out with Maddie and she certainly has a rough road ahead of her. I think it’ll be a bit of an eye opener for Sophie.

At one point they get threatened, but Maddie doesn’t want to go to the police – why is that?
This shows a real difference in the way Maddie and Sophie have been brought up. Sophie has always been taught that if someone does something wrong or illegal then you go to the police.

Maddie on the other hand has been brought up to believe you should defend yourself and not go to the police; it will make it worse. So when they do have this argument and they are threatened by these boys, Sophie cannot understand why Maddie’s not going to the police and asking for help.

Isn’t Maddie right when she says Sophie should stop playing at being homeless?
Maddie mentions that Sophie’s playing at being homeless, but Sophie hasn’t really thought about it like that. She just wants to be with Maddie and make sure that she’s OK and as long as they’re together she’s not bothered where she is. She wants Maddie to know that she’s on her side and she’s willing to have nothing as long as she’s with her.

So, is Sophie determined to stay with Maddie at all costs?
Yes, and right now she’s trying to prove that to Maddie. She’s trying to show her that she will sleep on the streets if it means being by her side or that she’s willing to leave her family home to stand by her.


Is Sophie heading for failure with Maddie?
I know she has a tough time ahead with Maddie, but Sophie really does want to help her. Who knows? Maybe Sophie can be Maddie’s saviour or maybe Maddie will lead her on the road of destruction…