Ty Burrell on playing the Frenchiest Frenchman of all French time and his favourite “Phil’s-osophy”

The Modern Family actor and star of Muppets Most Wanted drew inspiration from Jack Clouseau to play Interpol agent Jean Pierre Napoleon

Muppets Most Wanted sees Ty Burrell play the “the Frenchiest Frenchy Frenchman of all the French time on French earth” (in his own words). As Interpol agent Jean-Pierre Napoleon, he drew inspiration from Jack Clouseau to take on the CIA’s Sam the Eagle and solve the film’s complex crime caper. 


But when he’s not hanging out with Muppets and sporting gigantic badges (you’ll see what we mean below), Burrell is the star of hit American sitcom Modern Family, playing patriarch Phil Dunphy. He gave RadioTimes.com the lowdown on Phil’s “Phil’s-osophy” and why the Muppets are “good, clean fun”… 

Muppets Most Wanted is released in UK cinemas today – Friday 28 March. Read Radio Times’ review here