Pierce Brosnan to become first James Bond to join The Expendables?

The Goldeneye actor has revealed that he is in talks to join the action franchise

The name’s Brosnan – possibly joining the cast of The Expendables Pierce Brosnan. Not the catchiest of names, but yes: the action film series may have managed to bag itself a James Bond, with the Goldeneye actor having confirmed discussions for a role in an upcoming sequel for the franchise. 


Brosnan, currently starring in A Long Way Down, has revealed that he has held talks with producer Avi Lerner. “Oh, the offer has come in for the next Expendables,” he said of the future casting. “I just worked over in Bulgaria with Avi Lerner who makes them. He said, ‘Would you like to be in The Expendables? I’d love to have you’, and I said, ‘Why not?’ So we’ll see.”

If the deal is completed, then Brosnan will become the first 007 to join the action elite of The Expendables – which has previously played host to the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li and Jason Statham. With the third installment of the series opening in cinemas this August, it is uncertain however when the star is set to join the fun, with the 60 year old actor admitting he may not be running away from exploding buildings for a few years yet.  

“I have no idea which one it would be, I just said yes. It could be [Expendables 7]!”


Watch the teaser trailer for The Extendables 3, directed by Patrick Hughes, right here.