Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

31 March - 4 April: the residents enjoy the Erinsborough Farm Day, while the Turner and Willis families struggle to come to terms with Lauren's secret


Monday 31 March


John Paul’s forced to truthfully answer some tough questions, but will the outcome leave him totally isolated? Ste’s desperate to prove Sinead’s innocence, but will Sonny believe him? Meanwhile, it’s a hard day for the Roscoes as they celebrate what would’ve been Joe’s 30th.

Tuesday 1 April

Tensions remain high in both families, until Kathy surprises everyone with an unexpected offer. Georgia and Kate continue to mend their friendship after a confrontation with Brennan leaves Kate looking for support. Georgia needs help with the charity drive for the shelter. Josh worries that Amber is losing interest in him. 

Wednesday 2 April

Lauren is forced to re-evaluate her relationship with Kathy following her surprise offer. Rebecca finally admits to Susan what it is that drives her to be with Paul. Susan is disturbed and feels that Paul needs to know the truth. Meanwhile, Georgia’s fundraising day risks falling prey to Paul’s greed. Rebecca decides to intervene, and tells Paul that she is disappointed in him. 

Thursday 3 April

Paul does not believe Susan when she tells him about Rebecca’s motives. He confronts Rebecca, who realises that he is right. Facing the truth forces Rebecca to make a momentous decision. Elsewhere, the Erinsborough Farm Day gets under way. Amidst all the fun at the petting zoo and vegetable competition, two couples draw closer together. When someone breaks into Brennan’s home, he fears that Danni’s ex-boyfriend Stephen is trying to get to her. 

Friday 4 April

Kate gets the shock of her life when she discovers the identity of the intruder. Chris is worried about his mother when she fails to come to the Farm Day. He is further alarmed when Toadie announcesthat he will be unable to represent her in court as he will be in South America, despite Sonya’s evident disapproval. Will all the stress finally force Chris to get help? Georgia rebuffs another of Kyle’s attempts to get closer.