Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

24-28 March: Terese gets some shock news, while Lauren tries to play peacemaker


Monday 24 March


Lauren’s mother Kathy arrives for a surprise visit to Erinsborough and reveals a jaw-dropping secret. Amber seeks Karl’s advice about how best to deal with Josh’s problem with illegal painkillers. Despite having doubts, Georgia agrees with Kyle to hold a memorial ceremony, which will hopefully allow her to move on with her life. Bailey gets to the bottom of the animosity that exists between Lou and Kathy and discovers it is all based on a silly misunderstanding. 

Tuesday 25 March

Lauren feels utterly betrayed by Kathy following her revelation and confides in Matt and Brad. Susan is concerned that while Georgia is getting on with her life, Josh is not handling his grief over the miscarriage well. Following their double date with the Josies, Callum and Bailey are surprised to discover that the girls have become firm friends and are spending time together without them. 

Wednesday 26 March

Terese struggles to come to terms with Brad’s devastating news, while Lauren tries to decide what to do next. Kate reveals her secret to Rebecca but is unable to tell Brennan the truth. Trying to put things behind her, Georgia gives some thought to her friendship with Kate – although she cannot find the strength to forgive her just yet. 

Thursday 27 March

After learning that Kate is unable to have children, Brennan tries to reassure her but only ends up confirming her deepest fears. Karl hatches a plan to force Kyle and Georgia closer together following their loss. After Paul and Rebecca clash over Brennan and Kate, Paul finally opens his heart in an attempt to win her back. 

Friday 28 March

When Susan learns that Rebecca and Paul spent the night together, she must confront the reality of their rekindled relationship. Terese and Brad learn that Josh will not compete again and are forced to face the painful task of telling their son that his dreams are over. Sonya and Chris struggle to support Patricia as she recovers from her gambling addiction.