The writing was on the wall for BBC1 drama Silk

Actor Rupert Penry-Jones said it felt like writer Peter Moffat had “blown the whole show up” with series three

BBC1 courtroom drama Silk won’t be getting another series. I’m gutted, but not surprised.


Speaking before the start of the current third series Rupert Penry-Jones told, “You never know what to expect with [writer Peter Moffat]. He’s kind of written himself into a place, I don’t what he’s going to do next. We as a cast aren’t sure whether it’s been written in a way that this is it or whether it’s got more.”

The actor, who plays QC Clive Reader, added that the characters get “blasted” in different directions at the end of the current series, with the Shoe Lane set literally not knowing where the others are.

“So it kind of feels like maybe he’s [Moffat] has thrown a grenade in and blown the whole show up.”

At the time Rupert Penry-Jones said he felt the series’ success would very much “depend on the way people react to the show”.

However, in a statement to Moffat writes that the characters’ stories are coming to a “natural conclusion” and is bowing out on a high.

“It would be dishonest as a writer and unfair to the integrity of the show and everyone involved in it to prolong the series beyond what I hope is a powerful and compelling denouement.”

Peake added: “I’ve had a fantastic three years playing Martha Costello. Peter Moffat has created a role I’m so proud to have played”.

Grenade? Neat bow? Either leaves us without the courtroom drama (although Radio 4 will pick up on a spin-off show focussing on the clerks).

The BBC has said Martha’s final case will be one of the biggest to date. Her personal and professional life will collide heavily in what’s bound to ruffle that neat bob and smudge her red lippy.

It’s bound to lead on from this ex boyfriend who’s turned up calling her Mar and causing trouble. Or maybe someone else in Chambers will do something dodgy and turn to Martha for help.

The finale will no doubt be compelling. Silk sure knows how to keep a bunch of people in wigs yelling legal jargon interesting. Especially when Martha looks like she’s going to lose. 

It’s the sarcastic, seething looks. Peake nails them.

But, if like Penry-Jones says, they’re all going to be here there and everywhere, will the ending satisfy the fans? Will Neil Stuke’s character Billy Lamb pull through his treatment for prostate cancer or not? Will Clive Reader leave Shoe Lane for good, will Martha finally take a day off?

As viewers, maybe we’d feel better if we thought the gang was all together going about their legal business. But perhaps shoving them apart is a more finite ending that we can get our heads around.

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See the penultimate episode this Monday at 9pm, BBC1