New Doctor Who monster spotted filming with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

Comparisons to classic Who monsters the Nimon seem far-fetched - so what is the mysterious new creature?

Intriguing photos from the set of Doctor Who series eight show what appears to be a brand new monster. Some fans have suggested that the creature bears similarities to classic Minotaur-influenced creatures the Nimon, and while it wouldn’t be the first time a Doctor Who foe had been given a radical makeover, on closer examination the resemblance between them seems vague at most.


The new monster is blueish-grey in colour with a large lower jaw and either antennae or horns. It has a muscular torso and two long, deadly-looking claws at the end of each arm.

It was spotted on set, alongside Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor and Jenna Coleman’s companion Clara, who was dressed unusually for her character in a trouser suit, shirt and tie.

Doctor Who fan and Cardiff resident @ryanfarrr shared the following images of the mysterious beast, the Doctor and Clara on Twitter.

What do you think of the mysterious monster? Is it new? Is it a revamped classic creature? Do you like the look of it? Post your thoughts in the comments box below.