Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow’s Twitter proves just how awesome his job is

When playing Super Nintendo counts as research, you know you're on to a good thing

Director Colin Trevorrow is in charge of bringing us the fourth installment of the dino-hit, Jurassic Park. 


Pressure? Sure. Expectation? Tick. Die-hard fans desperate for Trevorrow to get everything just right? You betcha.

But Trevorrow isn’t letting a little thing like pressure stand in the way of this being, well, one of the most awesome jobs ever.

He’s making big, bold decisions. JP favourites Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and Laura Dern are all gone.

Yep, the plucky director has waved off most of the original cast, telling IGN he wasn’t looking to “shoehorn” them into the story for “sentimental” reasons.

In fact, the only familiar face is set to be Dr Henry Wu (played by BD Wong), who had a tiny part in the original film, but had a more significant role in the original novel. “We think there’s more to his story”, Trevorrow explains.

Fans might go wild. They might hate it. Tear strips off the director for daring to wander this way or that…. But here’s 7 pictures from Trevorrow’s Twitter that prove it’s totally worth the risk…


Playing the Jurassic Park game on the Super Nintendo is research. Research. Yes, hand in your notice.

The office

The production office has a half-dressed cardboard cut out of Jeff Goldblum lounging by a desk. Need I say more?

Special effects

Phil Tippett, dinosaur supervisor on Jurassic Park, is back working on Jurassic World. He’s a visual effects man by trade and can quite legitimately sit and play with dinosaur toys all day. Beneath that beard he’s bound to be roaring. You would, wouldn’t you?

See look, here he goes again.

Trevorrow is also the sort of guy to get into a serious debate with a 5-year-old about whether Darth Vader or Superman would win in a fight. 

And it leads to this sort of fancy dress. 

Take a bow Trevorrow…

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