Peter Capaldi will be the new Tom Baker says former co-star Chris Addison

The new Doctor's former The Thick of It co-star says he will bring back the "mercurial, unknowable, frightening" side of the Time Lord

Chris Addison says he is “beyond excited” to see his former The Thick of It co-star Peter Capaldi take on the role of Doctor Who.


The pair worked together on four series of the award-winning political comedy, as well as the 2009 movie spin-off In the Loop, and Addison thinks Capaldi will bring back some qualities that have been missing from the modern-day incarnations of the Doctor.

Speaking to Radio Times, Addison professed his admiration for recent stars Matt Smith, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston, before revealing his predictions for Capaldi’s take on the Time Lord.

“I think they’ve all been great since it came back. But what I’ve really missed is the mercurial, unknowable, frightening side of the Doctor,” said Addison, who grew up watching classic Doctor Who. “And Peter will give it that, I bet you anything.

“I never quite felt that any of the ones we’ve seen since 2005 could be imperious. That’s a note that’s missing from the scale at the moment. And I think Peter will bring that back.”

Describing Capaldi as “ideal” casting, Addison said he has high hopes for the actor’s legacy: “I’ve said for years that if he ever became the Doctor he would be this time round’s Tom Baker; the one that everybody thinks of.”

He added that Capaldi “looks like he has seen the twelve hundred years of the Doctor’s existence.”

As for Who fans skeptical of Capaldi’s ability to pull it off, Addison has reassuring words: “Like all really good actors, they’re the custodian of their character and they will protect it.”

The new series of Doctor Who is currently being filmed in Cardiff, and is scheduled to air on BBC1 in the second half of 2014.