Line of Duty: Did DI Denton do it?

Keeley Hawes has kept us all guessing with her terrific performance as the suspected detective - but has mousy Lindsay Denton been guilty all along?


Did Denton do it? It’s the question quivering on the lips of many a TV critic, not to mention the three million viewers tuning in to each nail-biting episode of Line of Duty.


Arguably the TV whodunit of the year, the BBC2 cop thriller first began with the strategic murder of a protected witness before “culling a Midwife” as Jessica Raine’s DC Georgia Trotman was thrown out of a window. Since then, writer Jed Mercurio has reeled us in week by week with an ever-tightening web of twists, turns and increasingly powerful suspects. 

Chief in the frame is still DI Lindsay Denton (played by the masterful Keeley Hawes) who claims she’s been set up by former lover Deputy Chief Constable Michael Dryden (Mark Bonnar). But the police chief found himself in hot water last week during a rollercoaster 17-minute interrogation scene that had his nostrils uncontrollably flaring – and us holding our breath – as his career fell to pieces. 

Meanwhile, released on bail and back in the comfort of her own home, there was no hiding the brief smirk that flitted across Denton’s face as news of Dryden’s arrest filtered through. She’s certainly got a motive for seeing him banged up and, based on the last five weeks of evidence, proved she’s wily enough to take on the entire investigating body – could she have out-witted the lot of them? Or is she innocent – a nuisance Dryden was trying to sweep under the carpet? 

Ahead of Wednesday’s hotly-anticipated series two finale, we want to know what you think. Did Denton do it? Vote in our poll below… 

Line of Duty concludes this Wednesday at 9pm on BBC2