Watch the video of Benedict Cumberbatch’s U2 photobomb set to the Jaws theme tune

The footage of the Sherlock actor's now-infamous photobomb from the Oscars red carpet is even funnier than the image itself...

The first glimpse of his prey, a calculated pursuit and then… PHOTOBOMB. That’s exactly what happened on the Oscars red carpet behind the scenes of Benedict Cumberbatch’s now-infamous appearance in U2’s arrival photos. 


Set to the Jaws theme tune, you can all but hear the cogs turning in the Sherlock actor’s head as he spots the Irish rock band posing for photographers. After working his way through the throngs of people, the Batch catches some serious air as he leaps behind Bono and co before attempting to shrug off his goofy photobomb, sidling back to his friends like nothing ever happened. AS IF.

Enhanced by predatory “Duuun duns”, have a watch of his plotted attack below…