How to see Kate Winslet get her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Titanic director James Cameron will present the actress with the 2,520th star – and you can watch it happen

Actress Kate Winslet is to be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


In celebration of her illustrious career – spanning Revolutionary Road, The Reader and that Titanic film – director James Cameron and one-time co-star Kathy Bates will unveil the accolade in the presence of the Oscar-winning actress.

Ana Martinez – affectionately known as Star Girl – who looks after the Walk of Fame says, “We are so happy that Kate Winslet will be here on our famous Boulevard of dreams receiving her well-deserved star.

“We’ve seen Kate shine in her roles and fans around the world have been anxiously waiting for this special day to come.”

So can you really watch Kate get this splendid award?

Well, the ceremonies take place on a public sidewalk. So if you happen to be in the vicinity of Hollywood Boulevard, or have a spare bit of cash to fly yourself over there, they’re free to attend. There’s no admission, no tickets, no clambering over people on ladders trying to get a better look (they’re banned). 

Kate’s ceremony starts (promptly) at 11:30am and is over by 12:15pm on Monday March 17th. As the website explains, “Crowd needs to disperse immediately following the end of the ceremony as we must give back the sidewalk and the street to the community”.

If you’re elsewhere, well you can catch the entire thing live online on In fact, you can look back over any of the ceremonies simply by searching for the individual star’s name.

Fancy checking out the day the Backstreet Boys got a star (a big one, right?), then head to Want to see Emma Thompson’s? Click on You get the idea.

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A few facts about the Hollywood Walk of Fame you might not know…

1. EM Stuart, volunteer president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in 1953, is credited with inventing the Walk of Fame

2. It wasn’t until 1960 that construction on the walk actually began

3. The first star laid was in honour of Stanley Kramer on March 28 of that year

4. The Walk stretches along both Hollywood Boulevard (around 1.3 miles) and Vine Street (around 0.4 miles)

5. An average of two stars are added to the Walk on a monthly basis

6. The stars are made of Terrazzo and brass

7. Stars face alternate ways so people walking either direction can see them easily

8. Stars are roughly 1.8 metres apart

9. They weight about 300 pounds

10. Celebrities can have more than one star as they can be honoured in more than one category. Frank Sinatra has three, Michael Jackson has two, so does Kermit the Frog

11. Stars have been stolen over the years, including Gregory Peck’s. Security cameras are used to try to limit vandalism

12. Spelling mistakes have happened over the years. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was accidentally constructed Julia Luis Dreyfus



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