First footage of Martin Freeman in Fargo TV remake

The Sherlock actor plays Lester Nygaard in the new FX drama co-starring Billy Bob Thornton and inspired by the Coen Brothers' hit film

The upcoming FX adaptation of Fargo continues to keep us all guessing with another set of cryptic trailers released ahead of its US premiere next month…


But while we’re still none the wiser as to what to expect from the hotly-anticipated drama (executive produced by the Coen Brothers and inspired by their acclaimed film), the latest footage does bring us the first glimpse of Sherlock’s Martin Freeman who takes the lead as Lester Nygaard alongside Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne Malvo. 

The three new teaser-trailers from the 10-episode series – which also features the likes of Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk and Kate Walsh (Greys Anatomy, Private Practice) – see an increasingly agitated Freeman sat atop a washing machine, with a bandaged nose, a black eye and a suspicious looking hammer by his side:

Another 30-second clip also marks the first time either character has spoken, with Thornton pictured driving along a snowy road, cryptically revealing, ““Most people live their lives under the impression there are rules,” while the contents of his car struggles noisily in the boot. “There’s nothing wrong with living by the rules, as long as you’re willing to die by ’em.”

The third? Well, there’s steak. And blood. And an enormous knife. See for yourself…

Fargo is due to premiere on FX on 15 April. Tough luck for UK fans with broadcast details yet to be announced…