Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

10-14 March: Ricky prepares to pack up and leave, while Roo fears that her marriage is over

Monday 10 March


An obstetrician confirms that Ricky has lost the baby. Leah is less than impressed when she returns to the Diner to find that Chris has changed things in her absence. Kyle and Tamara are surprised to discover that Phoebe is still in town and are both forced to indulge in some soul-searching after she manages to come between them.

Tuesday 11 March

Heath is devastated to discover that BIanca has lost her short-term memory, although a glimmer of hope emerges. Roo struggles to keep her composure when she realises that she has been reduced to spying on her own husband. After Nate brings her home from the hospital, Ricky overhears him arguing with Kyle over her and decides that it must be time to move on. Kyle and Nate find her on the beach.

Wednesday 12 March

Tensions are rising in the MacGuire household after the twins discover that Zac slept with Hannah. Oscar tries to pick a fight with Matt and hits Zac when he intervenes. Roo tries to get Harvey to open up, only to be rebuffed. Jett is missing Nina, but has an idea when he learns that Irene is away.

Thursday 13 March

VJ and Jett hand out flyers about a party at Irene’s house, one of which is picked up by a stranger who is looking for Andy. Desperate for work, Andy approaches Casey for a job and is surprised to be offered a position at the gym. The party is a huge success until Irene turns up and reads the riot act. For Chris, Spencer and Sasha, there is going to be hell to pay.

Friday 14 March

The man looking for Andy turns out to be Sean Green, a character from Andy’s unsavoury past who is seeking revenge for a previous incident. After trashing the gym, Sean threatens both Andy and Josh. Andy goes out to meet him alone. After trying again to bring him out of his shell, Roo fears that she may have pushed Harvey too far.