Peter Capaldi convinces young Doctor Who fans it’s ok for him to be the Doctor

Watch this heartwarming meeting between the new Doctor and two young fans...

Change can be scary. But it can be especially scary when you’re a child. And when, suddenly, your very own comfortable, comforting raggedy man disappears, to be replaced by an older model with a different face and a different voice.


You need reassurance. And that’s exactly what two young girls got when they met Peter Capaldi during filming on the new series of Doctor Who.

The video below, filmed on a handheld phone and also featuring the voice of Jenna Coleman, may not be one of the most professionally crafted interviews you’ve ever seen but it may well be the sweetest.

Anyone worried that the man formerly known as Malcolm Tucker is going to be too fierce for the job won’t think so for long, as he convinces the youngsters that it is indeed ok for him to be the Doctor…