British slang experts identify 57 different words for our TV remote controls

"Blabber", "melly", "dawicki" - what do you call yours?

Do you have a special name for yours? Your television remote control, that is…


New research reveals that many British viewers do, with 57 different slang words having been identified.

Not satisfied with simply referring to the “remote” or even the “zapper”, families across the UK have injected some fun into naming the hallowed living room device, coming up with names including “blabber”, “melly” and “dawicki”. 

Tony Thorne, author of the Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, has included a new category of informal speech – so called “kitchen-table lingo” – in the latest edition of the book and says it demonstrates that the creation of slang has become more personal and is no longer confined to particular institutions.

“Once associated with enclosed communities such as the prison, the army barracks, the factory floor and the older public schools, more recently slang has escaped its boundaries and is running wild,” Thorne told the Sunday Times.

Do you have an unusual name for your TV remote control? Let us know in the comments box below…