Braking good! Aaron Paul heads Top Gear leaderboard after record lap

The Breaking Bad star created some great publicity for his new racing movie Need for Speed

When you’re promoting your new blockbuster movie about a vengeful driver taking part in a deadly cross-country road race, it takes guts to put yourself in a situation that will prove exactly how good (or not) you are behind the wheel. But Need for Speed actor Aaron Paul’s gamble paid off when he screeched to the summit of the Top Gear leaderboard last night with an impressive lap of the track.


The Breaking Bad star was braking good – not to mention steering and putting his foot down pretty damn well too – as he knocked AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson off the top spot with a time of 1:44.7, the fastest ever recorded in the show’s current “Reasonably Priced Car”, a Vauxhall Astra.

Paul began his lap claiming he was hoping not to finish bottom. But it soon became clear he was aiming much higher as he put his all into the drive, muttering “bitch” under his breath as he rounded a corner, much to the delight of the Breaking Bad fans in the studio.

And it became clear that the actor is actually a bit of a petrolhead when he revealed he owns a 1965 Shelby Cobra vintage roadster, which he called “My weekend car”.


Top Gear Leaderboard

1:44.7 – Aaron Paul
1:45.1 – Brian Johnson
1:45.6 – Jimmy Carr
1:46.1 – Hugh Jackman
1:46.7 – David Haye
1:46.8 – Warwick Davis
1:47.8 – Benedict Cumberbatch
1:48.5 – Rachel Riley
1:48.8 – Charles Dance
1:48.9 – Joss Stone
1:49.4 – James Blunt (FW)
1:49.9 – Tom Hiddleston (VW)
1:49.9 – Ron Howard
1:50.1 – Hugh Bonneville (W)
1:51.0 – Steven Tyler

W – Wet

FW – Flipping Wet

Need for Speed is in UK cinemas from 12 March