Veronica Mars: watch the movie’s opening scene

Get up to speed on Veronica Mars' days as a teenage private detective before the film hits cinemas


Hey there, Marshmallows.


With just days to go until the Veronica Mars movie hits UK cinemas we’re sure you’re excited enough about the return of Neptune’s ass-kicking PI.

But for those of you who need to get up speed on Veronica Mars and her escapades as a teenage private detective – seriously, where have you been? – the opening minutes of the much-anticipated movie have been released online.

Rob Thomas, the director of the KickStarter funded project, tweeted a link to the first two minutes of the film, adding that it tells “new fans everything they’ll need to know.”

From the death of V Mar’s best friend Lilly Kane to her tumultuous relationship with local bad boy Logan Ecolls, it’s all there, people. 

Veronica Mars movie hits UK cinemas on 14 March.