Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

3-7 March: Bianca is knocked unconscious following an explosion, while Kyle is also in dire need of help

Monday 3 March


The search for survivors begins in the aftermath of the explosion and the race is on to rescue the wounded. It soon becomes apparent that the blast was started deliberately and the hunt for the culprit begins. Roo tries to figure out why Harvey is so distant. Kyle wakes to find himself trapped in a shipping container with Oscar and Evelyn. 

Tuesday 4 March

Zac, Hannah, Tamara and Casey face a desperate race against time to rescue Kyle and the twins. Alf persuades Harvey to open up about what has happened since he went missing. Realising that her bomb has missed its intended target, Montgomery tries to pump Heath for information, arousing his suspicions in the process. Kyle suspects that something is going on between Ricky and Nate. 

Wednesday 5 March

Judgement day arrives for Montgomery as both Heath and Leah discover the truth about the bomb. Heath is ready to take the law into his own hands, but John and Andy restrain him and hand Montgomery over to the police. Matt confesses to Leah that Montgomery has been paying him to cause havoc. Irene is furious when she discovers that Spencer and Sasha have been hiding out at the school. 

Thursday 6 March

Hannah and Zac’s relationship remains troubled after recent events. Josh wants Andy back in his life, but Maddy is not sure whether she can forgive and forget so easily. After talking things through with Roo, however, she agrees not to stand between the brothers. Spencer’s romantic evening with Sasha goes seriously wrong. 

Friday 7 March


Spencer is angry about the fiasco of his date, but Chris considers the episode hilarious. John and Marilyn find themselves drawn into the argument, with embarrassing consequences that threaten their relationship before Jett makes a timely intervention. Ricky and Nate realise that they both have important decisions to make about the future, but these have to be shelved as Ricky is rushed to hospital.