What are the odds these movie moments could happen in your life?

Will there actually be a theme park filled with dinosaurs, could you win the boxing World Champions or could you marry a famous film star? Here's just how likely these movie moments are to happen in your life...

Thought your childhood dreams of wielding a lightsaber were over? Given up on the idea of befriending a lost alien who wants to phone home? Thought you’d never find out your loving parents actually adopted you and your real father is… Darth Vader?! Well, there’s still a chance these movie moments could happen in your life. A small chance. But a chance.


In a range of wacky odds from William Hill, here’s how likely these famous film moments are to happen to you…

500/1: the odds of becoming the boxing World Champion like Rocky

Time to start running up those stairs…

1,000/1: the odds of randomly meeting a Hollywood film star and marrying them à la Notting Hill 

Maybe ask your weird flatmate to move out now…

2,000/1: the odds of aliens invading the earth in the style of Independence Day 

Get Will Smith on speed dial.

5000/1: the odds of being eating by a shark ie. like Jaws 

Got a boat? Get a bigger one.

10,000/1: the likelihood of waking up and finding out you’re actually a trained assassin in the style of Bourne Identity

Forget learning anything, one day you may just wake up and know it all. Oh, and you may have been shot, have a bank code hidden in your body and killed a whole bunch of people. Swings and roundabouts. 

50,000/1: the likelihood of lightsabers being invented à la Star Wars

It will be the day that we’ll see many a grown man cry. And then fight. Probably to the death and then they’ll be banned. But it could happen.

100,000/1: the chances you’ll become an All-American football player in college, compete against the Chinese in ping-pong and run a successful shrimping company in one lifetime like Forrest Gump said we could.

Or just, you know, take a day off. Maybe go for a run. Not too far though.

100,000/1: the odds that hoverboards will be invented in the next 10 years as demonstrated in Back to the Future

Someone must be working on this.

500,000/1: how likely it is there’ll be a zombie apocalypse (aka World War Z)

Forget helmets, just be sure to always have your skinniest scarf on standby.

500,000/1: the likelihood you’ll be bitten by a radio active spider and get super powers like Spider-Man 

Time to stop throwing them out of the window.

1,000,000/1: the odds that Darth Vader is actually your father like Star Wars

You remember your mum said she had a weird date once…

1,000,000/1: the chance that a real island-based dinosaur theme park could open to the public – Jurassic Park

Travel insurance. Just an idea.

1,000,000/1: the odds your toys are actually alive as told by Toy Story


Whatever you do, don’t trust your Ken doll.