EastEnders spoilers: Samantha Womack on Ronnie’s shock murder confession

The actress reveals why Ronnie tells Roxy the truth about the night she killed Carl


Samantha Womack has been talking about upcoming scenes that see her character Ronnie Mitchell confess to sister Roxy (Rita Simons) that she is responsible for the death of villainous Carl White.


“The scariest thing for Ronnie is losing her sister’s love – it’s the only thing she cares about,” says the actress. “She tells Roxy the whole truth about that night. Carl was on top of her, he was going to attack her, he’d taken Amy, and Carl reminded Ronnie of their abusive father, Archie.”

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see the Mitchell sisters return to Walford, with Ronnie seeming surprisingly composed despite having fled E20 over Christmas after doing away with Carl.

But the sight of a police car pulling up in Albert Square leads Ronnie to make her shock confession to Roxy. In an interview with Inside Soap, Womack reveals exactly what is going on in Ronnie’s mind:

“Ronnie has blood on her hands – she’s like Lady Macbeth. Rather than being a woman who kills and is a shivering wreck, there’s something very steely in her now. Ronnie almost becomes more powerful and feminine in a way – it’s weird. But her mask is bound to slip.

“At one point, Phil admits that he’s not really buying Ronnie’s behaviour. Deep down, I think Ronnie knows it won’t last.”


EastEnders’s executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins recently talked of his plans for Ronnie, suggesting that she’ll be turning ever closer to the dark side: “The big question with Ronnie is: ‘is she her father’s daughter?’ And what we’re going to see is how someone becomes a villain. Not a soap bitch, but a villain. I keep talking about Darth Vader.”