Coronation Street spoilers: “Tina would like a child with Peter” – Michelle Keegan interview

"If she does get pregnant again she knows she would never be able to get rid of the baby," adds the actress


Tina McIntyre will be seen struggling with being ‘the other woman’ next week after Peter (Chris Gascoyne) treats Carla (Alison King) to a night at a swanky hotel, while all the Rovers barmaid gets is a quick fumble in the local travel inn. Not exactly the life of passion and romance Tina was imagining.


Here, actress Michelle Keegan reveals how Tina foresees her future with Peter and how a possible pregnancy would change those plans forever…

Tina came back to Weatherfield to pack up her belongings before moving permanently to London – why didn’t she just get the hell out of town?
Ideally, Tina should have done just that but Weatherfield is her home and where her friends are. She also feels guilty for leaving Rita, plus the man she loves is there. Yes, she tried to get away from him, but when he asked her to stay she couldn’t help herself. She honestly believes Peter loves her because he asked her to stay.

Do you think Peter was on her mind while she was away?
I’m sure Peter was all Tina was thinking about. She’s in love with this man. She’s doing things she never thought she would do and she’s betrayed her friends because of her feelings. Of course, she’s thinking about him constantly.

Why did she let Peter persuade her to stay?
Because deep down that’s exactly what she wanted him to do. She wanted him to want her to stay. She’s confused but also relieved that he does want her and it didn’t take much before she decided she was no longer going to go to London.

Does she hate being ‘the other woman’?
Yes, she does hate it. She doesn’t want to betray Carla. but her feelings for Peter and the urge to have him overrides everything else. ‘The other woman’ is something she never thought she’d be and she does struggle with that.

Is Tina hoping she can persuade Peter to leave Carla for her?
She does think that Peter loves her and that, at some point, she will persuade him to leave Carla for her. But, in reality, Peter lusts Tina and loves Carla and would never leave Carla for her. She’s setting herself up for heartbreak.

Does it worry Tina that Peter seems able to flit from being Carla’s husband to her lover with no problem?
It definitely worried her before she went to London and in the coming weeks it’s going to hurt and worry her even more. She genuinely loves Peter but she can’t understand how he can want to be with her and then can quite easily flit off to his wife.

At one point, we do see Peter tell Tina he loves her – but does he really?
He does care for her, in a way, but he loves Carla not Tina. He knows that’s what she wants to hear and he’s right. She’s so blinded by her love for him that she can’t see Peter for what he is.

How would Tina feel if she knew Carla was pregnant and that Peter – were he to know – would want the baby? Would Tina dump Peter – and mean it?
Tina would be devastated. She really wants a child but Peter tells her that he doesn’t want children and that he therefore can’t give her what she wants. To find out that he actually does want children just not with her would be a slap in the face for Tina.


Might Tina get pregnant in order to force Peter’s hand?
I don’t think she would intentionally get pregnant, but I think she would like a child with Peter. If she does get pregnant again she knows she’d never be able to get rid of the baby.