Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

24-28 February: Ricky faces rejection, while Montgomery buys a bomb

Monday 24 February


Ricky finally decides to tell Brax about her pregnancy, only to be left distraught. Kyle and Tamara’s friendship grows as they plan the music festival, seeking support from local businesses. Nate receives a potentially life-changing phone call. Roo and Alf question the wisdom of allowing Maddy and Josh to go to the festival together.

Tuesday 25 February

John reluctantly helps out with the music festival, but his concerns persist about the type of people that the event will attract. Casey and his brothers are shocked to learn that Brax has broken up with a devastated Ricky and are determined to find out why their sibling is behaving so strangely. As Nate prepares to leave the Bay for his new job, Irene tries to persuade him to stay and look for more permanent accommodation.

Wednesday 26 February

Ms Montgomery grovels to Bianca and Heath in a bid to get her job back. Kyle’s old band-mate Phoebe arrives in the Bay for the music festival and the chemistry between the two old friends is palpable, much to Tamara’s annoyance. John allows Jett to attend the festival, on the proviso that he sticks by his foster dad’s side. Heath and Bianca rush Ricky to hospital after she suffers potentially serious complications with her pregnancy.

Thursday 27 February

Bent on revenge, Ms Montgomery purchases an explosive device and plants it in Bianca’s laptop bag. Ricky is kept in hospital as worries intensify about the health of her unborn child. Maddy and Josh take their relationship to the next level at the music festival. Romance is also in the air for John and Marilyn, but Jett tries to give John the slip.

Friday 28 February


A lonely Brax prepares to be transferred to another prison. Phoebe tries to seduce Kyle, who resists her advances – only for Casey to witness them in a compromising position. Ethan lies in wait as Zac drops Oscar and Evie off at the festival. Roo is shocked when she comes home to find Harvey waiting for her. Ms Montgomery detonates the bomb at the hospital, with catastrophic results.