The Smoke: behind the scenes with Jamie Bamber and the cast

"It’s a dangerous environment to work in," says Jamie Bamber - and that's just the actors...

“A lot of times we’ve had real fires develop from the controllable fires,” reveals Jamie Bamber, star of Sky1’s new firefighters drama The Smoke. “It’s a dangerous environment to work in.”


Pippa Bennett-Warner, who plays Ziggy, agrees: “It really hit home what firefighters go through everyday to save our lives. The amount of respect I have for them has just gone through the roof – they are heroes.”

Watch the pair and their co-stars talking about the testing times they’ve spent filming The Smoke – and check out those very real flames for yourself – in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video…

The Smoke is on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky1

Episode one ia available on from 1 March