Karen Gillan to star in US comedy pilot Selfie

The ABC show about an online obsessive is billed as a modern take on My Fair Lady


Karen Gillan has been spending a lot of time Stateside since leaving her role as Doctor Who’s Amy Pond. She faced a haunted mirror in US horror film Oculus, shaved her long ginger locks for the role of Nebula in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie Guardians of the Galaxy and now she’s set to take the starring role in a new ABC comedy pilot entitled Selfie.


Described as a modern take on My Fair Lady, Selfie follows the misfortunes of Eliza Dooley (yes, it sounds a lot like Eliza Doolittle), a 20-something who seems to be more obsessed with her online persona than her professional image. In the pilot, a video Eliza makes about her humiliating break-up goes viral, and she recruits the help of a marketing expert to help repair her besmirched reputation.

Despite her ever-expanding movie CV, this will be the first time the Scottish actress has returned to television since Doctor Who. No word yet on whether she will be using her own accent in the pilot, but it would be rather interesting to see her follow in the footsteps of fellow Doctor Who alum David Tennant, who will be adopting an American drawl for Gracepoint, the US adaptation of Broadchurch.