David Beckham’s best (and worst) hairstyles… by the man who created them

Celebrity hairdresser Alain Pichon gives Radio Times the lowdown on the famous 'dos sported by the world-famous sportsman


David Beckham has had more hairstyles than most men have had hot dinners. From the curtains to the mohawk, the ponytail to the teddy boy, everyone has an opinion on DB’s tonsorial triumphs and disasters. Alain Pichon, the man who created them, is no exception.


A judge on Hair, BBC3’s unambiguously named search for Britain’s best amateur stylist, Pichon shares his top 3 Beckham barnets with Radio Times…

“This was the first haircut that I ever did on David and it followed on from a style that he had cut in himself. It’s classic DB because he’s had many variations of the mohawk over the years from radical ones to this softer finish. I personally think that the softer finish suits him better.

You can see that the hair has been previously bleached. This gives the style an outgrown look which is exactly as it should be because it softens the hardness of the clipped crop. This is a classic haircut that every man should have at some stage in his life.

This is the haircut that reestablished David as the model modern man. It involves varied lengths and a high level of finish in the styling. I love this haircut as it’s the classic shape all men would love to have. They’ll be copying it for a long time to come.

And one that didn’t go so well…

The Ponytail

A few years ago he wanted to keep his hair long but I told him to cut it short. Then he tried to grow it again and I said, “this isn’t happening. It’s not going to get us anywhere. We’ll just end up with another ponytail and we’ve done that”. I had a discussion with his best friend Dave Gardner who was there with him and eventually we worked something out.

Hair is on BBC3 on Tuesday 25 February at 9pm