Broadchurch records highest viewing figures on French TV channel for two years

David Tennant’s hit Dorset-set detective series peaked at 7.1 million viewers on France 2, the biggest audience for the channel since early May 2012

ITV’s hit small town detective drama Broadchurch, starring Olivia Coleman and David Tennant, has become one of the most watched TV shows in the last two years in France, after it’s premiere this week on France 2.


The first three episodes of the series were shown back to back on Monday, and were viewed by an average of 6.7 million viewers, peaking at 7.1 million.

The series continues in France next Monday, when episodes four to six will be shown consecutively.

France 2 has been been promoting the series by offering the real weather forecast for Dorset – the filming location used in the series – between episodes.

The series gave the channel a 27.4 per cent audience share on Monday – the highest result for France 2 since the beginning of May 2012.

A US version of Broadchurch – named Gracepoint – is also currently filming in Canada, in which David Tennant will adopt a US accent and play Emmet Carver (based on the original character of Scottish DI Alec Hardy). Anna Gunn (Skyler White from Breaking Bad) will play the female lead beside him.

Click here for behind the scenes pictures of Gracepoint.

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