An Island Parish heads for the Falkland Islands

Series nine of the BBC2 documentary will swap the UK for the South American archipelago to follow Reverend Richard Hines and his parish

An Island Parish is back for a ninth series but this time the BBC2 documentary has got the travel bug, leaving behind UK shores to head across the Atlantic Ocean to the Falkland Islands. 


Situated off the coast of South America, the archipelago was the subject of a bloody British-Argentine power struggle over their administration during the 1980s. But aside from the Falklands War, many know very little of the islands… until now. 

The return of the six-part series will focus on Reverend Richard Hines. Minister to the largest Anglican parish in the southern hemisphere, he spends much of his time flying in small planes from one island to the other – even travelling as far as South Georgia. 

We first meet the Reverend during the Advent Season when sun-soaked islanders are dusting off their barbeques as family members return home for the festive season. And as The Falklands move into the summer months, viewers will be treated to a plethora of wildlife with penguin and albatross chicks hatching, plus elephant seals searching for their mates. 

In addition to the minister, we’ll also be introduced to Falkland Islands Governor Nigel Haywood, the military padres on the British Armed Forces base, Sammy Hirtle and her sheep shearing team and legendary Ron Binnie – a 72-year-old former jockey who’ll be riding in the Maiden’s Cup on Boxing Day.

An Island Parish is currently filming until March 2014 with an air date yet to be announced.