Orange Is the New Black season 2 premiere date announced

With the release of a new teaser, the hit Netflix comedy drama reveals a June streaming date

On Friday, they released the second series of House of Cards. And now we have a return date for Orange Is the New Black. Netflix, you are spoiling us…


Season two of the prison comedy drama will hit the streaming website on 6 June. The news of the show’s release date was revealed in a rather clever way — through an advert that appeared during the final episode of series two of House of Cards. Looks like Netflix is encouraging our binge-watching habits. Shame on them…sort of.

The 17-second teaser doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming plot, other than a sneak peak of a rather serious Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling). In January, the show did give a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of series two through selfies and videos posted to the show’s Instagram account.

Set in a women’s prison, Orange is the New Black first premiered in July 2013 and is inspired by a true story of a straight-laced young woman who earns prison time for carrying drug money, a one-time mistake she made nearly 10 years earlier.