Is this George Clooney’s best Hollywood prank ever?

Clooney dedicates The Monuments Men film to the memory of his still-living dad, as it’s cheaper than adding the note to the credits later…


George Clooney may very well have cracked it with the best Hollywood prank ever.


OK, it could actually be the worst. You decide.

At the end of The Monuments Men film the credits role, with a dedication to Clooney’s father Nick Clooney.

“In loving memory of Nick Clooney”, it says of the actor, who himself stars in the film… and is still alive.

Co-star Matt Damon tells Graham Norton, “Clooney’s dad says, ‘What the hell George?’ and George goes, ‘Well Dad, the movie doesn’t come out for six months. It’s much cheaper to take these things off the credits than put them on!’”

Damon jokes, “That’s who you’re dealing with and you have to understand that going into a movie. It is so funny to him.”

Indeed, Clooney tells that he’s got several pranks in the pipeline, some that he’s been bedding in for years. Hollywood, take cover…

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