Will Simon Cowell’s dogs ever star on Britain’s Got Talent?

Has Cowell found this year’s winner and are his pets Squiddly and Diddly ever going to audition? The music mogul talks to us exclusively on the red carpet

Simon Cowell loves a good dog act on Britain’s Got Talent.


2012 winner Pudsey is the reigning four-legged champ and this year Cowell is said to be on the hunt for a guitar-playing singing pup.

That’s not asking for much is it?

But Cowell has two dogs of his own at home – Squiddly and Diddly, to give them their proper names – can’t they be signed up for a bash at dodging the red buzzers?

“They are possibly the worst behaved dogs in the world, so it’ll be quite a few years before they get on stage,” Cowell tells RadioTimes.com, “they can barely sit.”

So has Cowell found the winner with his Golden Buzzer press? And will fellow judge Amanda Holden get her longed-for holiday to the Maldives if her chosen act wins? Simon tells us all…