Alesha Dixon on the Britain’s Got Talent acts they might regret putting through

BGT judge arrives at the London auditions and in an exclusive video interview tells us how the judges’ mood plays a part in the acts that get through

Britain’s Got Talent auditions have arrived in London and Alesha Dixon tells us she’s waiting for the act that’s going to knock her off of her feet.


“I want to be surprised,” Dixon says, who admits she’s still waiting to be “blown away by a dance act.”

This year has continued to throw up some unusual talent the singer reveals, saying sometimes the judges’ mood has an effect on who gets through.

“Whatever time of day it is, we can be a bit more strict, or a bit more harsh. And on other days we can be in a giggly mood and we let through acts that probably when we look back we will regret…”

Does Dixon think the winner has been found yet? Find out this and more in our exclusive video…