Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars “win” was not a leak

And the winner is… not revealed yet. It turns out all nominees get a nameplate made before the ceremony


This week, US news network CNN did a story on how Oscars statues are made. They went behind the scenes at RS Owens in Chicago where the statues have been produced for the last thirty years.


Sounds interesting, right?

However, a final shot of a nameplate reading ‘Academy Award to Leonardo DiCaprio Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role “The Wolf of Wall Street” 2014’ sent the internet into a bit of a spin.

Had CNN really just given away the winner?

In a word, no.

In fact, all of the nominees get a nameplate made. Once the winner is announced (which will be done in the usual envelope-opening format on the night) they collect their plate and see it fixed to their trophy.

This can be done on the night at the official Academy Awards after party, the Governor’s Ball.

Those who don’t win might consider pinching their nameplate and sticking it to an Oscar statue bought off eBay, but in general they are returned to the factory and recycled.

At least if DiCaprio doesn’t win, there are plenty of screen shots of his nameplate to cherish.