Downton Abbey cast are “irreplaceable” says Julian Fellowes

And that means (almost definitely) that nobody is going to be killed off or leave the drama EVER again, right...?


Life at Downton Abbey is one of peril. Any moment you could be struck down with spanish flu or crushed under the wheels of your shiny new automobile.


You might be one of the show’s stars. You might think you’re secure. But if we’ve learned anything from spending four wondrous seasons at the Abbey it’s that nobody, I repeat, nobody, is safe.

Well. Until now. 

Julian Fellowes, the man who possesses the brain from which Downton’s dramas emerge, has uttered a statement which has lead me to believe the residents of the Abbey can now all breathe a big sigh of relief. 

When asked whether there are any cast members he feels he could do without, Fellowes told The Guardian: “I’m the original Mother Hen. They’re all irreplaceable to me.”

Hear that? They are ALL irreplaceable. 

Personally, I think we can take this as sure fire promise that no one else will ever be killed off. Or leave the series. Ever. 

Branson – definitely going to stay with the pigs rather than hot foot it off to America. Violet – most certainly staying put to impart the rest of the Crawley’s with her wise words of wisdom. Daisy – absolutely not going to pop her clogs when the next bout of Spanish Flu makes it’s rounds… 

Now you could argue that will make the upcoming fifth series rather boring. But at least there’ll be no nasty surprises, eh?