Amanda Holden: Simon Cowell gets his way “less and less” on Britain’s Got Talent

… and the judge thinks she’s chosen this year’s winner

Amanda Holden was the first judge to try out the brand new Golden Buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent and she thinks her act can win the show.


“I think it can”, Holden tells of the salsa dance act that prompted her to give them an immediate pass to the live semi-final.

“I think everyone was a bit jealous because I was the first to press it. I think everyone forgot that it was there and I went ‘woah’ and it was the best feeling in the world.”

But now Simon Cowell has pressed the Golden Buzzer, is Holden so confident? Is her act better than Cowell’s?

“Ooh gosh, totally and utterly different and a different age group entirely,” Holden admits.

And Cowell isn’t getting his way as much anymore Holden tell us. “It’s less and less as the years go on”. Although the judge says she doesn’t want to be boss – “it’s too much pressure” – and that it can still get heated when decisions need to be made.

“We all feel passionately about it and we want to do a good show. We want each show each night full of entertainment so we always have to stop there being too many singers or stop there being too many dancers because you want dogs and grannies and jugglers and motorbikes and everything else that we’ve had in it in it.”

Holden, who has been with the show since it began, sits next to Cowell on the panel. On what they pair whisper about between acts, Holden jokes, “I couldn’t possibly say – it’s filth.

“Sometimes it’s about what we’re having for lunch, sometimes it’s really private, sometimes it’s about the acts… not often though.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns later this year