EastEnders spoilers: “Stacey is living under a different name,” reveals Lacey Turner

A new image shows Stacey living in domestic bliss with new boyfriend Luke (Matt Willis) - but will this existence come under threat?


The BBC has released a new image showing the domestic bliss between Stacey Branning (Lacey Turner) and new boyfriend Luke Riley (Matt Willis) – a set-up that will come under threat thanks to Kat’s (Jessie Wallace) detective work.


Stacey will be seen having built a new life away from Walford and under a different guise. But what will she do once she discovers that Kat is on her trail?

“Stacey has been in Mexico with her daughter Lily, working in a bar,” reveals Lacey Turner. “Then she met Luke and they all moved back to London. But Stacey is living under a different name. Lily doesn’t even know her mum’s name, which is awful.


“And Stacey is not that happy to see Kat. She is actually fuming. Stacey has had a really nice life for the past two years. She’s met a really nice boy who is genuinely loving and caring and who has looked after her and Lily. She’s got a nice set-up. They live in a nice flat. She hasn’t had to work. She was happy. Lily was happy. Kat sticks her nose in and ruins everything.”