Call the Midwife’s Leo Staar on playing Alec: I have loved every second

The actor who played Jenny Lee's on-screen boyfriend Alec, looks back at his time on the hit BBC1 period drama


A shocking episode of Call the Midwife tonight saw the departure of Jenny’s boyfriend Alec Jesmond.


After a horrible fall at work, the dishy chap looked set to make a recovery, in spite of losing part of one of his legs… But moments later Jenny was given the devastating news that her boyfriend had taken a turn for the worse – and she rushed to hospital only to be told Alec had already passed away. 

It was an episode which likely had Call the Midwife fans reaching for the tissues, especially as Jenny and Alec shared a special moment before his death.

“[Alec is in a] great deal of shock,” Leo Staar, who played Alec, says. “He has to come to terms with some very hard facts and is forced to put everything else into perspective. This includes how special he considers Jenny to be. It’s a very traumatic but very special moment.”

For Staar, and his on-screen persona, tonight’s episode was the end of the road but he 27-year-old actor said, “I have loved every second.”

“[It was] a complete and utter pleasure from start to finish. Everyone on the show, from cast to crew and everyone in between is so talented at what they do and have gone out of their way to make me feel at home.”

“Coming to work every day and being surrounded by incredibly talented and pretty actresses in nurses costumes, will always remain the highlight of my career!” 

Watch our interview with Leo and Jessica Raine: 

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1