How to annoy Matt Damon… according to Jimmy Kimmel

The Monuments Men star Matt Damon almost got to be a real guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Almost.

For the first time ever Matt Damon was to be a real guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.


The pair’s fake feud has rumbled on for years, with Kimmel ending his shows, “Apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.”

As detailed in our Kimmel vs Damon refresher yesterday, the last time Damon was on the show, he tied Kimmel to a chair and played host for the night.

These two love a good prank.

So Kimmel was ready.

Step one in his plan was to get Damon involved in the Mean Tweets segment, with the actor reading out horrible tweets about himself. Usually anonymous, tweets came from Kimmel himself, reading: “Go buy another zoo and live in it.”

Step two was to basically keep Damon off the set. Locked in a dressing room with a monitor and no microphone, Damon could only listen as his fellow The Monuments Men stars discussed his role in the movie, saying he “needed the most ‘me time’ on set” and “will not speak to others”.

Step three saw Kimmel finally let Damon out to be interviewed, ‘the least of the Monuments Men’, he teased… but with no space left on the sofa. Upon asking for a chair, Damon was given a child’s wooden stool.

The Monuments Men director and star George Clooney continued the gag, with step four seeing Clooney reveal Damon’s upcoming role. “He’s auditioning for a cereal commercial – I think he’s got a really good shot at getting it.”

Damon, keen to have a question of his own to answer, almost got it. Then step five kicked in. The fire alarm went off. Everyone left, leaving Damon yelling it was fake and all a trick, only to be covered in foam by the firemen.

The show ended with Damon fuming, yelling into the camera about the crowd, the show, the host… and vowing revenge.

After all that, let’s hope you’ve got some good revenge ideas, Damon. Let the fake feud continue…