Coronation Street spoilers: Peter begs Tina not to leave – watch the full scene

See the moment from an upcoming episode when Peter asks Tina not to quit Weatherfield

Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is to stun Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) in an upcoming episode when he begs her not to leave Weatherfield for a new life in London.


In scenes to be shown on Wednesday 12 February, Peter will spot Tina in the street and tell her that he wants to talk. But the conversation surprises Tina when Peter asks her not to leave him.

On the topic of Peter’s extra-marital affair with the Rovers’ barmaid, Coronation Street boss Stuart Blackburn recently said: 

“I absolutely adore the love triangle between Peter, Carla and Tina. Some people aren’t sure because of his age, but I think it works on screen. Even I’ve got a man crush on Peter. I hate him, but damn him, he’s gorgeous!

“We all know Michelle Keegan is leaving in the middle of the year: people say affairs are bad, well Peter and Tina will regret this one for sure. And the consequences of it are going to take us right through to Christmas.”


You can watch the scene below: