Martin Freeman on the Sherlock stag do: we cut a whole scene set in a gay club

“I had no idea as to why they didn’t have their clothes on,” says Freeman's co-star Benedict Cumberbatch of the deleted scene

John Watson’s stag do ranks high up on the list of many Sherlock fans’ favourite scenes from the show. There are those precisely measured pints of beer. There’s the Rizla game. There’s Sherlock, face-down in a carpet, still clutching his magnifying glass. And finally, there’s John and Sherlock in a prison cell sleeping it off.


But it turns out there’s one little vignette from that infamous night that we never got to see – John and Sherlock in a gay bar…

“Doing the drunk stuff was lovely,” says Martin Freeman, who plays John Watson in the BBC1 detective drama. “But I regret there was one bit of that drunk stuff that was missing. There was the gay club scene…”

Do go on, Martin…

“We were absolutely mullered in the gay club – lots of topless men going past, and us just going ‘Why are we here?’” reveals the actor.

“I [as Sherlock] had no idea as to why they didn’t have their clothes on,” recalls Benedict Cumberbatch. “And then it dawned and my grounding shook…”

At this point, certain fans will be asking why – why?! – they never got to see this glorious moment, which it seems will not even feature on the DVD extras. But Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat says he was doing us all a favour by leaving it on the cutting room floor.

“The first cut of that drunk scene was interminable,” Moffat told fans at the iTunes launch of Sherlock series three. “It went on and on and on. You’d have been hunting me down if we’d put it all in.”

I think it’s quite likely they’ll be hunting you down because you didn’t, Steven…

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