David Walliams: “I’m head judge on Britain’s Got Talent”

The comedian banters with Simon Cowell when an act asks Walliams what he does for a living

David Walliams is back on the judging panel for this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, and up to his usual tricks with Simon Cowell.


Yes, the pretty much one-sided but loveable bromance is back in full swing.

At the Birmingham auditions yesterday an act performing a magic trick asked Walliams to be involved in his set.

Playing the part of the glamorous assistant, Walliams was asked what he does for a living. Never one to miss a chance to wind up fellow judge Simon Cowell, Walliams responded, “I’m the head judge on Britain’s Got Talent”.

After pausing for the necessary giggles from the crowd and sarcastic face pull from Cowell, Walliams added, “I write books, I’m a comedian… I kind of do everything.”

Of course Cowell was quick to get his own back on the cheeky judge. Asked to join the magician on stage, Walliams shimmied his way to the top of the stairs… only to get a buzzer from both Cowell and Amanda Holden.

Sorry David, it’s a no from them. Maybe try again next year…