London’s burning in 24: Live Another Day

#JackisBack after four years away – and looking at the trailer it doesn’t look like life has got much easier for Mr Bauer

It’s almost impossible to tell where the new “event series” (this means half as long) of 24 is set by just watching the trailer…


I can think of a hundred world cities that have black Fairway taxis, red phone boxes and red double-decker buses.

Luckily the producers have left nothing to chance, whacking a giant union flag on the side of the exploded taxi to hint it could be London where CTU renegade Jack Bauer is currently fighting terror.

There’s not much beyond post-bomb scene setting (and firing a gun into the middle distance) in this 48 second clip, but it does confirm the return of Jack’s best pal and all-round techno geek Chloe O’Brian, played by the excellent Mary Lynn Rajskub.

24: Live Another Day sees the revival of one of America’s most popular dramas of the 21st Century, and is the first time Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer has been seen on screen since the series ended in 2010, eight seasons after exploding into a post 9/11 world. 


The new show will run for 12 episodes, beginning with a two-hour premiere on 5 May on Fox in the US.  It will broadcast on Sky1 in the UK shortly afterwards.