Coronation Street spoilers: Rob might stray again in the future to be spiteful, says Marc Baylis

The actor reveals all about the fall out from Rob's kiss with Tina McIntyre

As Rob and Tracy’s relationship takes a battering in the coming week, we find out from Marc Baylis whether they’re about to become permanently parted: 


So, do you think Rob now regrets his kiss with Tina?
Tina presented a challenge and Rob couldn’t resist rising to it. Plus Tina’s good looking and Rob’s a hot-blooded male. He thought that if he could get away with it, where’s the harm done? He wasn’t thinking properly – he never really thought about what he was doing before he did it.

So he has no feelings for Tina, than?
There’s always been an attraction there between them. He does like her feisty side for sure, but I can’t really see it ever developing into feelings. She’s cute, but I don’t think it would ever happen for them.

Does Peter get a bit smug when Rob gets chucked out of the Barlows’?
Oh God, yes! Rubbing salt into the wound, big time! It’s sickening.

And is it at that point that Rob realises he loves Tracy?
It definitely makes him wake up and smell the coffee and realise just how much he feels for her. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. But then, at the same time, he’s not going to lie down and take excessive abuse from Tracy because as he sees it, it was just a stupid kiss and he gets to a point where he can’t understand why she’s overreacting. Tracy’s winding him up massively, which is where the comedy comes from. He’s being quite blokey about it – he’s apologised and she needs to move past it.

Does it upset him when he sees that Tracy is seemingly OK without him?
He sees through it completely. He knows the game she’s playing and he’s happy to go along with it. Rob is refusing to let her boil his blood. He’s being a good boy and has decided not to argue back!

What’s his reaction when he discovers that Tracy has been selling his stuff?
He’s absolutely livid. That is breaking point for him. She’s crossed the line and he thinks enough is enough. He slowly starts to see the funny side, but not straight away!

So what does he do to get Tracy to forgive him?
He puts his cards on the table. He speaks the truth and tells Tracy how he feels. There’s a nice scene between them and it’s more heartfelt than we’ve ever seen before. It’s a new chapter for Rob and Tracy from there.

Will Rob ever be in danger of wanting to stray again?
It depends how much Tracy rubs him up the wrong way! He might do it in the future to be spiteful, who knows? It all depends who comes along. But his feelings for Tracy are becoming more and more obvious to him, so I think he’ll be learning from his mistake for the time being.

We know Rob is protective of Carla, so how would he react if he found out about it? 
He would initially want to absolutely kill him, but then he would take stock and think of how he could use it against Peter. It would be a big challenge for Rob not to be like a bull in a china shop! And he would need Tracy to pull him back and calm him down.


As time has gone on, we’ve started to see that Rob isn’t all that bad and that he does have a softer side to him. Are you pleased with how the character has developed?
Yes, definitely. When Rob first turned up out of prison, he was a bit of a fish out of water. He didn’t really know how to carry himself. I’m loving the storylines at the minute and I love working with Ali [King], Kate [Ford] and Chris [Gascoyne]. I feel like the character is really bedded in now and that Rob could go in many different directions. I hope viewers like what they’re doing with him.